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Welcome to my personal website, please feel free to have a look around. Let me tell you a little about myself - I'm a solution-driven individual, and once I commit myself, I always follow-through. I'm used to taking on responsibility as well as responding quickly to a dynamic environment. I’m always open-minded and capable of thinking outside the box. As a person, I'm inclusive and respectful as well as easy going with a good sense of humour and I always try to make the best of any situation, even in times of hardship. I always move on to new tasks with energy and drive, and in stressful situations, I always manage to keep a clear and level-headed posture. More specific information about my career and academic background can be found by viewing my Linkedin profile (click the button to the right). To contact me directly, please click “Contact” in the navigation bar above. Thank you for visiting my website.  




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You can contact me using the simple contact form to the right. You can also contact me by sending an e-mail or by utilizing the features on Facebook or Linkedin:




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